Here’s How Our Economy Can Save $40 Billion By Switching To Vapor Zone E-cigarettes

The science sector (FDA) is still keeping us in shadows whether it is really right to switch to E-cigarettes and if they approved it so let us just switched to another sector to convinced tobacco smokers that E-cigarettes like Vapor Zone is better for their life. While the science sector are still waiting for evidence and test results to give their final decision about E-cigarettes, the Money sector already have solid and compelling evidence that E-cigarettes are the right way to go. Read on and discover how $40 billion can be save just by switching to E-cigarettes.

Fire-related costs: $7.5 billion a year
Do you know that smoking cigarettes is the leading cause of fatal residential fires in the United States? Fires caused by abandoning cigarettes and related materials destroy more properties and real estate than fires caused by electronic gadgets, cooking, portable heaters and bedroom candles. 14% of all fire deaths are also caused by cigarette smoking and there’s really no price to compare life lost. Electronic cigarettes are definitely safer than traditional cigarettes as they do not produce smoke or ask. And you do not need matches or lighters to use an e-cigarette, simply puff on them and you can enjoy vaping.

Secondhand Smoke: $13 billion a year
If smokers quit or switched to electronic cigarettes, the potential cost savings for health costs related to secondhand smoking would total $13 billion a year, according to a Society of Actuaries study completed in 2010. And do you know that the common victims of secondhand smoking are innocent children?

Worker Productivity Costs: $26.6 Billion a year
There are currently 135.2 million people working in the U.S, about 1 in 5 of those smoke and that puts about 27 million smokers in the workplace. If each of those smokers took a single 10-minute break to smoke outdoors, the loss in productivity would add up to $26.6 billion annually. Now companies can easily ban smoking in workplace and their workers can say goodbye on their satisfactions. However, a win-win situation is to let them use E-cigarettes. With E-cigarettes they don’t need to take 10minutes vape as they can vape whenever they want to in their own cubicles. According to VaporZone reviews, the perfect way to use them is when working in front of their computers.

Bars and Restaurants: $1 Billion a year
When anti-smoking laws started taking effect in bars and restaurants, experts worried that the bans would reduce their income and possibly jeopardize their businesses. And they are right because according to a study more and more people are now opting to buy their drinks and drinks at home because of smoking bans. If smoking bans convinced them to do their drinking at home for just three days a year, the economic cost to bar and restaurant owners would be $126 million a year. If smoking bans kept them home for 10 days a year, the economic consequence would top $420 million a year. Electronic cigarettes are perfect to use at bars and clubs as they are not fire hazard and they are perfect for socialization. Just one look at Vapor Zone’s style and design is enough to get a lot of attention and other brands like Blu cigs even have social features in their e-cigarettes.

So there you have it, the economic will surely save money by switching to E-cigarettes. So what are you waiting for? Switch now! And switch to one of the most trusted brand around – Vapor zone. Enjoy!

Blu Cigs Review and Blu Cigs Coupon

2014.01.10 ecigologist 003 Blu Cigs Review and Blu Cigs Coupon

If there’s one E-cig brand that all people (vapers and non-vapers alike) would probably know. This is probably Blu cigs. Started in 2008, Blu cigs is now the most famous E-cig brand around with the most number of Blu cigs reviews around, TV commercials, celebrity endorsers and 100,000 retail stores selling Blu cigs all over the US. One of the reasons for this success is the acquisition of Lorillard, one of the top three tobacco makers in the world. This gives Blu cigs enough power to expand and be known. But this is just one reason. There are other reasons why Blu cigs are one of the best E-cig brands around. Here are some of them.

- Blu e cigs have the most stylish looking E-cigarette in the industry. With their sophisticated black and white colors and the blue crystal LED tip, you will sure to turn heads whenever you vape.
– Blue cigs flavors are one of the best in the industry having made by famous juice maker Johnson Creek. They offer 7 amazing flavors which include Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Java Jolt, Cherry Crush, Vivid Vanilla, Pina Colada and Peach Schnapps.
– Being available to over 100,000 retail stores all over the US, it is so easy to buy Blu cigs. Unlike other brands which are mostly only available online.
– Blu cigs is the perfect brand for beginners as they make sure that you’ll get 100% convenience. They only offer 2 starter kits (but these starter kits have everything you need to start vaping) to make the selection process easier. The Blu Premium and the Blu Premium100 where the batteries last longer and the vapor is much thicker.
– You’ll get the chance to get the infamous Blu cigs pack! A portable charging case that looks like real ecig pack and can fit in your pocket comfortably. It has the social function that allows the pack to vibrate whenever another Blu cigs user is near. This is perfect for meeting new friends.

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Apollo Cigs Review and Apollo Cigs Coupon

apollocoupons1 Apollo Cigs Review and Apollo Cigs Coupon

Apollo e-cigarette is one of the top E-cig brands in the industry. It may not seem like it because Apollo e cigs are not as popular as other E-cig brands around. But Apollo is definitely one of the hidden gems in the E-cig industry according to many Apollo e cigs reviews. What they lack in marketing to make their products more popular, they make up on quality of products and services. Here are some of the things that allow Apollo cigs to battle it up against the big E-cig brands.

– Apollo cigs offer a free disposable E-cigarette with every starter kit you order.
– Apollo cigs have 25 100% US made awesome flavors to offer. They have tobacco and menthol flavors for those who are looking for traditional taste but they also have exotic flavors which they are famous for including Banana Cream, Berry Blend, Blueberry + Kona and more. You’ll surely enjoy each exotic flavor.
– Apollo cigs offer the chance to refill E-liquids, something only a few brands in the industry offers, which gives the people the power to save money and mix and match their E-liquids.
– Apollo cigs customer service is super. They have a 24/7 customer hotline, they deliver on Saturdays and Sundays and they have a lifetime warranty.
– Last but not the least, what made Apollo cigs truly standout are their starter kits. Most E-cig brands usually offers starter kits with the same products, just different number of products in each starter kits. Apollo cigs separate themselves and offer different types of E-cigarette in each of their starter kits. Their Standard Kit and Extreme starter kit are the perfect choices for beginners with their cig-a-like type and a portable charging case to hold their E-cig products and doubles up as a charger wherever they go. Their Superior eGo kit are perfect for heavy smokers who don’t mind to carry a bigger eGo type of E-cig as long as they are getting a stronger performance. And their Vtube Kit is perfect only for advanced users as it provides plenty of vaping options.

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Halo Cigs Review and Halo Cigs Coupon

halo cigs review 076 Halo Cigs Review and Halo Cigs Coupon

One of our favorite brands in the industry is Halo cigs. Halo cigs produces high quality E-cigarettes in a very affordable price which is perfect for those who want to start vaping but on a tight budget. Their E-cigarettes are available in bold colors which will definitely be a head turner everywhere you go. They have 100% US made E-liquids. They have powerful batteries that last longer than any other brands in the industry. Most importantly, according to E-cig reviews about Halo, Halo cigs is the brand to choose if you are looking for something which is the closest to the real thing. This is because Halo cigs can produce really thick vapor and full throat hit which perfectly mimics the experience of smoking.

Another reason that makes Halo cigs standout from the rest is their selection of starter kit. Halo cigs offer only 2 starter kits. But both starter kits are jam-packed with everything you need to get started including batteries, chargers and more than one flavor cartridges or E-liquids. You don’t need to worry about anything but the colors of your Halo cigs. Those starter kits are also two different types of E-cigs. The Halo G6 is a cig-a-like type which the name implies, made to look and feel like real cigarettes. These type is perfect for beginners. The Halo triton tank on the other hand is an eGo type of Ecig. It has bigger and more powerful battery as well as a bigger tank that can hold more E-liquid. This type is perfect for heavy smokers and advanced users who are looking for more power and don’t mind carrying a larger Ecig around just to get that strong performance.

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V2 Cigs Review and V2 Cigs Coupon

v2 cigs review 17 V2 Cigs Review and V2 Cigs Coupon

If you are looking for the best E-cig brand of today, then V2 cigs is probably what you are looking for. Started in 2008 under the company VMR products, V2 cigs have gone from being just a fad to the world’s most visited E-cig website and most beloved brand. Let us mention some of the reasons why V2 cigs standout from the rest in this short V2 cigs review.

First of all, V2 cigs is dedicated in producing high quality E-cigarettes at their state of the art facilities. They have engineers to continuously innovate their products and brewers to make sure that their E-liquids are at its best. Secondly, V2 cigs have the widest collection of product choice in the industry, there’s definitely something for each type of vapers. They have different types of batteries in different sizes too. They a huge collection of E-cig accessories such as lanyards, portable charging cases and even the power cig that allows you to vape while your E-cig is charging. They used to offer 6 starter kits that ranges from under $25 up to $150. But now they have 7 starter kits adding up the “Standard E-liquid Starter Kit” with the choice to even upgrade any of their starter kits up to their “ex series” batteries and cartridges. They also have 12 awesome flavors consist of tobacco flavors (V2 Red, V2 Sahara and V2 Congress), menthol flavors (V2 Menthol, V2 Mint Tea and V2 Peppermint), exotic flavors (Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee, Cola, Grapes and Vanilla) and they even are adding up flavors including the new summer flavor where people will get to decide. Third is that V2 cigs give out the best product warranty in the industry, a 30 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. This only means that they are so confident in their products to give out such warranty.

All these and more they provide in a very affordable price. And they even throw up V2 cigs coupons, discounts and storewide sales from time to time.

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Smoking without fire: V2 vs. Apollo vs. Halo Ecigs

The electronic cigarette has been around for many years already and is an intelligent device aimed at providing smokers a better option instead of tobacco smoking. Experts believed that it is very helpful in reducing and quitting smoking. Compared to the earlier versions, electronic cigarettes have become much more user friendly. The most realistic e cigarette to date is the mini. It has a length of 100mm same as a conventional cigarette. An electronic cigarette does not contain harmful substances even if it has a taste of tobacco.

Below are the top three best electronic cigarettes in the world:

v2 cigs review 27 300x200 Smoking without fire: V2 vs. Apollo vs. Halo Ecigs

V2 Cigs Reviews – The Safest Alternative

V2 is the healthy and magical alternative to traditional cigarettes. It created a revolution in the market of cigarettes. V2 has been the most popular brand offering electronic cigarettes, gaining more customer base worldwide. It offers an ultimate and authentic experience that one can’t even feel if they smoke the traditional cigarette. It offers a great experience to smokers as it comes without the negative presence of tar, ash, the bad odors and smoke. It is interesting to know that combustion elimination is the key to working on this technology. Since they are completely different and does not burn similarly like the traditional cigarettes, the V2 electronic cigarette develops vapor instead of smoke. There are flavors similar to tobacco like the menthol, some specialty flavors include chocolate, coffee, milk, cherry, vanilla and cola. It is just simple to use V2 e cigs. First of all, your batteries must be fully charged, at least four hours prior to the use. The moment you open the package, it is ready for use. Through long puffs, you will get the feel of it.

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apollocoupons 300x227 Smoking without fire: V2 vs. Apollo vs. Halo Ecigs

Apollo Cigs – The most attractive alternative

Apollo is actually not one of the most famous ecigs in the world, however, as days pass by, the company has been slowly proving to be unique. The company has climbed because people were discussing about the greatness of the brand. Apollo produces both a lightweight style model and larger and more advanced models. The larger versions are designed for people who would love to take their vaping experience to the next level. Find tons of accessories, long lasting and sturdy batteries with over thirty e-liquid flavors, and lots of color choices. You will come to realize that Apollo is an established company with a full range of quality gear! Like other electronic cigarette companies, it offers outstanding models, but what it sets apart is their full range of advanced vaping products because these days you can’t find 30+ flavors, with colored and cleared cartomizers, along with long-lasting eGo batteries that has variable voltage mods. Whether you want to keep your vaping experience simple, or you want a more advanced accessories and gear, Apollo can provide.

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halo cigs review 051 300x200 Smoking without fire: V2 vs. Apollo vs. Halo Ecigs

Halo ecigs – The most unique

Halo Cigs are one of the most popular brands of electronic cigarettes. Famous for its sleek appearance solid marketing campaign and variety of flavors, Halo is no doubt the ecig for many people. It is as safe as V2 and Apollo, but what make Halo unique are the 2 different versions, the G6 and the Triton Tank. The G6 has the usual shape where most smokers are familiar; the Triton tank has a larger e-cig that delivers longer lasting flavor. Halo Cigs is “cool” and has a pure variety of flavors, excellent and solid construction that separates Halo Cigs from most of their competition. The price range for its Starter Kits falls within the moderate range. Overall, the Halo Cig product is a five star rating in terms of design, quality, and performance. Both versions are commendable.

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If you want to smoke without fire without worrying on its quality and performance, consider these three leading brands. Though they have differences, you can always pick the one that is suitable for you.

A Guide On Choosing The Right E-cigarette For You

E cigarette options A Guide On Choosing The Right E cigarette For You

Options, options, options!

Ever since the electronic cigarette industry had boomed, endless options had been available for vapers around the world. This is because electronic cigarette companies and brands had been battling up to produce the highest quality products that vapers would love. This is a positive thing as today, the are many options to choose from and better quality E-cigs to try. However, it became harder for people to choose the right type of E-cigs for them.

If you are wondering which type and kind of E-cigs will fit you best, dont worry we will guide you. Here are the options available for you. Read on.

Automatic or Manual Batteries

There are two types of batteries available for E-cigs. They look very similar, and have a very similar feel to them. They are portable, and require very little effort. However, they function differently. The Automatic battery will activate the battery instantly every time you puff on it, this makes the process very convenience to users. The Manual battery have a button that you should press every time you want to activate the battery this gives more control to users on the way they vape and can determine when they want their vapor to be thick or to be thin. So which one would you prefer? Convenience or more control.

Disposables or Rechargeable

You can also choose between disposables and rechargeable. Disposables are made to be very similar to traditional cigarettes, all you need to do is to take it out of the pack and start puffing and vaping. When the battery and the flavors are all gone, you can throw it away and buy a new one. Each one lasts about the length of two packages of tobacco cigarettes and has the same price too. They are simple, easy to use and are perfect for those who are always on the go. However rechargeable are more powerful, they tend to have more flavor options, more battery options and last longer than disposables. Moreover it is much cheaper than disposables because you can use it as many times as you want, all you got to do is charge the battery and refill the flavor cartridges. So which one would you choose? Convenience or more power and options?

Vaporizers or Cig-a-like

Now here comes the advance part of choosing. It’s between vaporizers and cig a like models. Cig-a-like models are of course those who look like real cigarettes. Short and light and very convenient to bring anywhere you go. However, vaporizers are more powerful. They produce a thicker vapor and a stronger throat hit that many advanced vapers are looking for. In other words, everything is up to the next level with Vaporizers. They look nothing like traditional cigarettes, tend to be larger, work with e-liquids for limitless flavor choices, and they have the ability to last a full day on a single charge. However, Vaporizers tend to be hard to figure out especially if you are a beginner. So if you are a beginner, choose cig-a-like models, if you are an advanced user already bored with the traditional cig-a-like model, then choose to go to Vaporizers.

V2 cigs coupons

When it comes to all of these options, V2 cigs have them all! Get V2 cigs today at a more affordable price using these V2 cigs coupon codes. Here at V2 cigs you can find the perfect model for your style of smoking! Whether you’re looking for the right one, or will want to try all the options above, we’re sure we’ve got something to fit you!